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Trend up Friend up

By Matthew Brenner and Rochelle Gilken

Looking to start a new workout and want to step into the trends of 2018? We’re not talking about goat yoga here. (It’s a real thing.)

To keep up with the focused fitness industry trends of 2018, it’s not about fad. It’s simply: Get tech and tell your friends.

We always have the same goals: eat better, lose weight, exercise more often. But every year we grow and evolve and prefer different methods to reach those goals. The trend now is all about sharing your fitness journey, whether it’s in person through dynamic group classes with accountability or the latest technology apps.

Group classes are growing. A class structure that’s gaining in popularity is one that allows participants to interact with other people in it. Having a partner workout or engaging fitness helps increase accountability and maintain interest for a longer period of time. Soul Cycle, Zumba and those traditional step classes (who remembers those?) are group classes with an instructor who teaches everyone at the same time, but each person does an individual workout. With innovative classes, students work together to complete goals and motivate each other. CrossFit gyms incorporate aspects of teamwork and competition into the workout.

A bonus trend for parents is fitness classes that provide parents and children the chance to participate together. This is a trend with popular fitness programs such as yoga as well as martial arts because they provide a safe and challenging environment for all ages. Rather than parents dropping off their kids for an activity or sitting in the waiting area, parents maximize their time by joining their child’s class. Parents don’t want to give up on their goals anymore, but still prioritize their children. This trend accomplishes both.

The American College of Sports Medicine Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2018 placed HIIT training at the top of the list for trends, replacing wearable technology, which dropped to the third spot. HIIT training is high intensity bursts of training for short periods of time. Fitness professionals will write the workout on a whiteboard with quick intense challenges.

Technology continues to transform how we workout. The FitBit is a trend from the past few years that continues to be extremely popular. But it’s not simply about collecting your steps like a pedometer of the past. It’s about having the opportunity to share it, to set a goal and track it over time with technology. Apps such as MyFitnessPal and Nike+ Training take the sharing to friends who can help to provide encouragement and affirmation. There are even apps such as Step Bet in which you can bet on your weight loss, providing a financial incentive for meeting your goal.

What’s next in technology? Fitness games such as Wii are clearing the way for new Virtual Reality workout adventures. Look for those to keep setting a new technology wave. Whether you try it or not, you can make sure your ideal body is a reality if you commit to any of these fitness trends.


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