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Learning All Summer Long

Fun, brain-boosting activities for kids

by Family Features


Lazy summer days may sound refreshing to parents; however, they may be detrimental to their children’s educational advancement. A study by Dr. Harris Cooper, a professor of psychology at the University of Missouri-Columbia, reveals that students can lose an average of one to three months of what they learned upon returning back to school after summer break.



Hey Mom - Feeling Overwhelmed?

5 Ways Connecting with Good Friends

Helps Manage Overwhelm

by Christina Higgins


‘Guilt’ used to be the go to word to describe the stresses of modern motherhood but now I think it’s ‘overwhelmed’. Working mothers spend more time today with their children than stay at home mothers did in the 50’s while also continuing to do more of the housework. It’s not just the time though. It’s also what we are expected to do with that time. The focus, attention and knowledge needed to parent well can make you wonder how getting a PhD in children’s development is not a prerequisite to giving birth.



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