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The Umbrella of Learning Disabilities

By: Samantha E Gill

Come under the umbrella and learn.

First learn, as I did, It is no longer called learning differences it is only called disabilities. Second, they also use the umbrella to help teach and guide us to understand the many terms to describe the disabilities that under the learning disabilities categories.


“Why do these kids post every little thing they do?!”
“They don’t know how to communicate socially anymore!”

Sound familiar? Welcome to the world of “Common Phrases Parents Say To Convey How Much They Don’t Understand The World of Digital Natives!” Whew- that’s a long title, but it’s pretty accurate. If you are reading this article, and currently parenting a young child, tween, or teen, you are parenting a “digital native”- a child that will never know what the world was like before the internet, except through books or film (which they will be streaming, by the way).


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