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10 Tips for Preparing Your First-Time Camper for Camp


With just a few weeks left until the first day of camp, you want to make sure you prepare your first time camper for the experience before the first day arrives. This will help make a child’s camp experience more successful. Here are some tips for getting your child ready AND excited for camp.



Understanding Dyslexia

What Every Parent Should Know

by Tara Twente Pyfrin M.ED, MA Reading Specialist


Alex is an intelligent, bright, articulate nine-year old, boy who is able to hold a conversation and think abstractly. He has a high IQ, tests well orally, is talented in art, music, sports, story-telling, designing, and building. It is difficult to believe Alex is struggling in school . . . Alex is Dyslexic.



2015 Health Expo


Be an Exhibitor!

Download Packet:

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