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Battling Insomnia- Getting Back Your Forty Winks

by Brie Latini

Everyone has a sleepless night every now and then. For some, this is something that can be recovered with ease- maybe a nap or an opportunity to sleep in a bit and they are back on track. For others, sleeplessness can be a chronic part of life. If you are finding that your sleep patterns do not leave you feeling rested the next day, it could be time to take some sleep-focused actions into consideration.


Disciplining Your Child without Losing Your Cool

Deb McCarson

We’ve all been there. Our child decides to throw a tantrum in the supermarket when we are in a rush because we have forty-seven other things to do before the day is over. There is just no time for this. It is in these inconvenient, high-stress moments that we are less likely to discipline wisely because our time and attention are in high demand. We are tempted to take the easy path, perhaps bribing him to make him behave. Or worse, we respond in anger. We want the tantrum to stop, and though our better selves know we need to discipline him, we also know that giving him a lollipop will make him behave for a moment and provide a necessary reprieve so we can keep our anger in check and get out the door. However, neither the anger nor the lollipop will prevent such a thing from happening again, in fact, they will only encourage it. In order to prevent a cycle of misbehavior we need to establish a discipline plan that will be there when we need it. A child throwing a tantrum in the store is no match for a confident, well-prepared parent.


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