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6 Ways to Take Your Style from

Minivan to Mega Chic

by Ashley Schafer


1. Jeans: No mom wants to hear their jeans have fallen into the ‘Mom Jeans’ category. Denim is a functional fabric for running around with the kids, but can also be very fashionable. Retire those mom jeans and try a boyfriend jean. The boyfriend is known for being looser in fit, great for sitting on the floor and playing games, but also very chic when paired with heels and a tank for a MNO.



Taming the Tornado:

Housecleaning Tips With Toddlers Around

by Alicia Bayer


I have a confession to make. My house frequently looks like footage from houses after natural disasters hit small towns. I have never been a good housekeeper. I have a number of talents, but cleaning is not one of them. My home will never look like anything you see in Better Homes and Gardens or even as neat as your average sitcom living room. To be blunt, I suck at it! However, nobody else ever steps up to do it and when you have two small children and a messy husband you have to learn how to at least put a dent in it so nobody calls the news crew. Here's some ways I get things less zoo-like.



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