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3 Steps to Staying Healthy: A Single Parent’s Guide

by Matthew R. Brenner


Construction workers, miners, farmers- all of these jobs are physically and mentally exhausting. However, none could ever compare to the responsibility of being a single parent. It’s the hardest job you never applied for but eventually come to love. Raising children with two parents is hard enough, now cut the work force in half and this daunting and complex task becomes exponentially more difficult. Nevertheless, diamonds would not exist without extreme pressure, and it is your job to make the best out of your situation without losing yourself. While having children requires selflessness, it is imperative to stay personally happy and healthy. Here are 3 steps that will help get you there.



Giving Thanks

by Lisa Figueiredo


Long after the turkey is gone, football games over and holiday food drives have passed, we as parents strive to instill values in our children that will endure throughout their lives. We strive to make our children better people then we are. There are many ways to ensure the spirit of giving is one that is not marked only for the holidays.



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